Register to 75-hour course for ICF Level 3 Applicants for 11th Jan 24

This program gives the PCC coach the required education and mentoring hours needed to apply for the MCC credential through ICF. Students will also have to submit two session recordings for assessment with their MCC application.

39 SYNCHRONOUS HOURS (100% virtual via Zoom)

-Synchronous sessions will be delivered in English and are super focused on understanding, embodying, and practicing the eight Core Comps.
-Sessions are 90 minutes long (with the exception of four 2-hour Practice Clinics) and include a combination of instruction, facilitated discussion, coaching practice, and feedback.
-The program also includes the required 7 hours of group mentor coaching + three hours 1:1 mentor coaching.


-Asynchronous hours include a combination of coaching, being coached, journaling, independent reading, plus listening to and reviewing a variety of MCC-level coaching sessions.
-Students create community outside of live sessions and share their findings via the Online Classroom discussion forum.
-All course materials are delivered in English.
-Students are paired with a “buddy” with whom they can find support, practice, and discuss, outside of class.


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