Powerhouse Coaching: Best 10 Hours Group Mentor Coaching

Powerhouse Coaching proudly offers an intensive and transformative experience through its “10 Hours of Group Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentialing” program. Designed to guide aspiring coaches towards excellence and mastery, this comprehensive mentorship program is a cornerstone for those seeking International Coach Federation (ICF) credentials.

The program spans a total of 10 hours, each meticulously crafted to provide participants with a rich blend of theoretical knowledge, practical insights, and hands-on experience. The structure of the mentor coaching is thoughtfully designed to meet the rigorous standards set by the ICF, ensuring that participants not only grasp the fundamental concepts but also apply them effectively in real-world coaching scenarios.

The cornerstone of this mentor coaching program is the emphasis on group dynamics. Participants engage in a collaborative learning environment where they can share experiences, exchange ideas, and benefit from diverse perspectives. This group setting fosters a sense of community and encourages the development of a supportive network that extends beyond the program itself.

The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of coaching competencies outlined by the ICF, including but not limited to ethical guidelines, coaching presence, active listening, powerful questioning, and creating awareness. Through interactive sessions, participants delve into case studies, role-playing exercises, and practical demonstrations that simulate real coaching situations. This experiential approach ensures that participants not only understand the theoretical framework but also gain the confidence and skills needed to excel as professional coaches.

The mentor coaching sessions are led by seasoned and credentialed coaches who bring a wealth of experience to the table. Their expertise extends beyond the theoretical realm, offering valuable insights drawn from their own coaching journeys. Participants have the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of these mentors, gaining practical tips and strategies that can significantly enhance their coaching practice.

One of the unique aspects of Powerhouse Coaching’s mentor coaching program is its commitment to ongoing support. Beyond the 10-hour program, participants gain access to a wealth of resources, including webinars, forums, and additional materials to deepen their understanding and refine their coaching skills. This commitment to continuous learning reflects Powerhouse Coaching’s dedication to nurturing the growth and development of every aspiring coach.

Upon completion of the program, participants not only possess the knowledge and skills required for ICF credentialing but also emerge with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose in their coaching practice. The program serves as a transformative journey that goes beyond the certification process, laying the foundation for a successful and fulfilling coaching career.

In conclusion, Powerhouse Coaching’s “10 Hours of Group Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentialing” stands as a beacon for aspiring coaches seeking a comprehensive and transformative learning experience. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, interactive sessions, and the guidance of seasoned mentors, participants embark on a journey that not only prepares them for ICF credentialing but also equips them with the tools and mindset needed to excel in the dynamic field of coaching.


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