Waterfall’s Parking Lot BINGO

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

Waterfall recognizes social connection as an important part of mental, emotional and physical health. We are living though a time of prolonged isolation. While it is important to practice physical distancing because of public health concerns it is also important we find ways to connect with each other. So, we thoughtfully planned a way for us to get together and have some fun, all while practicing physical distancing to keep our community members safe.


Parking Lot BINGO is a hit!

We take the Waterfall RV to the Macy’s Parking Lot and have community members pull up in their cars to get their BINGO supplies. All participants remain in their vehicle for the duration of the event, but are still able to cheer, honk, and have a good time. The event is FREE and open to all community members. Prizes support local restaurants and businesses. We also pass out important information about resources and support services available during this time.

For our first event a total of 39 cars came through with 72 BINGO participants. At our second event we had 35 total cars with 72 participants.

Community partners from DHS, SAFE Project, and South Coast Connects came to volunteer. Thank you to everyone involved who helped these unique events be successful!

Our next Parking Lot BINGO event will be on Wednesday, July 1st from noon to 1 pm in the Pony Village Parking Lot by the movie theater. Look for the Waterfall RV!

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