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The Energy Trust of Oregon is bringing energy savings to the Coos Bay community.

Currently, Energy Trust is offering a no-cost LED lighting upgrade opportunity for smaller businesses and commercial-type buildings, who are customers of Pacific Power. This includes inside and outdoor lights.

Buildings must be either less than 20,000 square feet OR have fewer than 20 employees.

Examples of qualifying types of businesses and non-profits buildings include stores and commercial businesses, restaurants, offices, service stations, motels, food banks, social and community services organizations’ buildings, churches/houses of worship or faith, clinics, and many others. Industrial facilities and common areas of multifamily/apartment property lighting may also qualify.

Energy Trust encourages participation from those organizations and buildings that have not been able to upgrade to LEDs and those that can most benefit from electric bill savings through these lighting upgrades.

Energy Trust will schedule with you to conduct an onsite review for eligible no-cost lighting upgrades. And the lighting installation contractor will work with your schedule.

To learn more or check your eligibility, call 1.800.326.2917 or email: [email protected].

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