It’s all about chickens…

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

The chicks are in! Have you been dreaming about growing chickens in your backyard? Many communities allow residents to develop and grow a number of different small farm animals such as chickens, ducks, rabbits, etc.

Pat Furay, 4-H chicken extraordinaire, provided an excellent program at the North Bend Public Library on Growing Chickens in your Back Yard. She describes covering basic laws and ordinances, stewardship, why own chickens, eggs, breeds, shelter, challenges, and more.

Ms. Furay is an amazing resource when it comes to chickens and capable of sharing many stories related to raising healthy chickens. Her coaching helps new hobbyists avoid common problems and pit falls such as adequate water, ventilation, and quick clean-up.

Two of the most important tasks, she is adamant about include checking with local policies for your community (there may be permits or limits on roosters, for instance) and protecting your flock from predators. You might think, sure ‘dogs,’ but the surprise here was learning how destructive rats and mice can be. These nuisance critters will eat the eggs and sometime attack the chicks.

Want to know more? Check out the Coos County Fair, on July 21-25, 2020. Be sure to stop by the Wings & Things 4-H Poultry group and improved poultry bar. Ms. Furay encourages new chicken hobbyists to enter their chickens and poultry in the Open Class Poultry competitions.

Watch for future free library programs such as Raising Chickens in Your Back yard, and read up on this fun hobby at and Better yet become a member or sponsor of the Wings & Things 4-H Poultry group! You will be glad you did!

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