Register for 32-hour CCE Program for ICF ACC and PCC Coaches from Powerhouse Coaching

ACC and PCC Coaches – Develop expert-level coaching skills while earning 32 ICF Continuing Coach Education Hours

Our Coaching Mastery Program is perfect for:

ACC coaches who seek CCEs for renewal

ACC coaches on the path to PCC who seek required education hours

PCC coaches who seek CCEs for renewal

ACCs and PCCs who seek to reactivate their credentials and/or refresh their skills

This highly educational three-month program delivers 32 CCE hours (30 core + 2 Resource) consisting of coach instruction, mentoring, skill-building exercises, and peer coaching with live feedback.

Course Objectives

Master the two bookends of a coaching session

Improve ability to develop trust and safety

Achieve PCC-level proficiency and coaching presence

Improve listening both internally and externally

Understand the difference between ACC, PCC, and MCC levels

Craft better coaching questions to build awareness

Break old habits and refresh ICF-aligned coaching skills

Adopt best practices to overcome common fears and avoid coaching pitfalls

Develop a strong self-assessment practice

Course Details

The Coaching Mastery program is specifically designed for ACC and PCC coaches who are interested in up-leveling or refreshing their coaching competence. It provides coaches with CCEs they can use to earn/renew their ACC and PCC credentials.

32-hour CCE Program for ICF ACC and PCC Coaches

18 SYNCHRONOUS HOURS (100% Virtual via Zoom)

Synchronous sessions will be delivered in English and are super-focused on understanding, embodying, and practicing the eight ICF Core Competencies

Sessions are 90 minutes long and include a combination of instruction, facilitated discussion, coaching practice, and live feedback

Sessions are held at the same time each week, consecutively


Asynchronous hours include a combination of coaching, self-assessments, and journaling

Students create a community and share their findings via the Online Classroom discussion forum

Students are paired with a “buddy” for support, practice, and discussion outside of class

All course materials are delivered in English

Additional Info

  • Class size is limited to 10 students
  • A minimum of six participants is required to run the class. If fewer than six registers, a new start date will be set in order to meet this minimum
  • Participants ideally hold an ICF ACC or PCC credential (active or lapsed) to enroll in this course. At the very least, a minimum of 60 hours of coaching education from an ICF-accredited course.
  • Students should plan to spend an hour each week on asynchronous activities
  • Students will receive credit only for the sessions in which they attend. Attendance and participation in class is the criteria for completing each session


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