Radiant Wellness Faire

Radiant Wellness Faire is a celebration of all things health, wellness, and spirituality.

There’s something for everyone with psychics, astrologers, tarot and palm readers, aura photos and readings as well as healing practitioners. There will also be a wide selection of crystals, jewelry, art, candles, books, and organic body care products.

The $5 admission includes six classes on astrology, Chakras, Reiki, Alchemy, and the Emotion Code.

Our local restaurant, Yaya’s will be there to serve their delicious lunches.

It will be an opportunity to bring your family and friends to explore and experience while engaging with like-minded people as well as finding inspiration and transformation.

Join us at the North Bend Community Center (2222 Broadway in North Bend) on Saturday, Nov 11, from 10 AM to 5 PM for a life-changing experience.  This event is open to all ages and backgrounds.  Admission is just $5 (cash only, please). 

For more information, visit www.RadiantWellnessFaire.com and follow us on Facebook at @RadiantWellnessFaire.

Contact: Mezdulene, [email protected]



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