Donkey Baseball Game

BACAPA (Barview Area Charleston Area Parks Association) is pleased to announce that they are holding a Donkey Baseball Game at 11:00 am, at the Coos County Fairgrounds 770 Fourth St., in Myrtle Point. First Pitch will be thrown at Noon.

Donkey Baseball started as a novelty in the 1930s — played on a standard softball field. The pitcher, batter and catcher are on their feet, and all other players are on donkeys. As soon as the batter hits. the batter will climb on a donkey to run the bases. Outfielders are on donkeys and can dismount to grab the ball, but must hold the reins at all times, and can only throw the ball from the donkey’s back. All throws go to the catcher, who cannot leave his designated area. The pitcher will then throw the ball to the appropriate base.

If a player forgets to hold the reins or remount before tossing the ball, it will give the opposing team a base. The unpredictable nature of the donkeys will provide laughter for both players and the audience.

This family -friendly event is hosted by BACAPA, the baseball/softball complex on Libby Lane.  Ticket prices are $10 adults, $8 student (7-12 yr), $6 child (4-6 yr), save $2 per ticket by pre-purchasing your tickets online. Advanced tickets can be pre-purchased online at our website: or by calling Michelle Martin at 541.218.0105 or emailing [email protected]  Refreshments will be available.


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