Complete your ICF CCE hours for ACC and PCC by registering in the upcoming caching mastery CCE program

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits are helpful for coaches who wish to acquire new learning and professional development, or want to renew their International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) credentials. CCE units are awarded in two categories of core competencies, and resource development. Core competencies include supplemental and continuing education that directly relates to or expands upon the ICF Core Competencies, while resource development contributes to a coach’s professional development, business building, and other materials that fall outside of CCE core competencies. As per ICF guidelines, every coach has to renew their credential every three years and should receive at least 32 ICF CCE hours of training from an approved training institute only.  

 ICF CCE hours are completely different from ACTP and ACSTH paths, in terms of its requirement and process. CCE is mostly used for renewing credentials, and you have the flexibility to apply for ACC (Associated Certified Coach), PCC (Professional Certified Coach), and MCC (Master Certified Coach), depending upon coaching experience. Powerhouse Coaching provides mastery CCE program to ACC and PCC coaches who need required education hours, seek to reactivate their credentials or refresh their skills. The highly educational three-month coaching mastery CCE program delivers 32 ICF CCE hours, which include 30 core and 02 resource hours. The coaching mastery CCE program is specially designed for ACC and PCC coaches who want to earn or renew their ACC and PCC credentials.  

These 32 ICF CCE hours are divided into the below: 

18 Synchronous Hours: These ICF CCE hours are super-focused on understanding, embodying, and practicing the eight ICF core competencies. The sessions include a combination of instructions, facilitated discussions, coaching practice, and live feedback. Sessions are held at the same time each week, consecutively.  

14 Asynchronous Hours: These hours of coaching mastery CCE program include a combination of coaching, self-assessment, and journaling. Students create a community and share their findings via online classroom discussion forums. They are paired with a buddy for support, practice, and discussion outside of class.  

Each session of the coaching mastery CCE program is 90 minutes duration, and all course material is delivered in English. The program is completed over a period of 12 weeks. Here are key highlights of the coaching mastery CCE program: 

 Week 1: Being a Better Coach 

Week 2: PCC Markers + Session Bookends 

Book 3: Difference Between ACC, PCC, MCC  

Week 4: Great Opening Questions 

Week 5: Better Listening  

Week 6: Self-Assessment Practice 

Week 7: Asking Better Questions  

Week 8: Overcoming Common Fears 

Week 9: Addressing Common Challenges 

Week 10: Building Trust and Safety 

Week 11: Open Forum 

Week 12: Application of Learning 

Each session of weeks 2 to 12 of coaching mastery CCE program also includes peer coaching with feedback. and is 90 minutes long. Class size is kept from 6 to 10 participants only, and the participants should ideally hold an active or lapsed ICF ACC or PCC. Students should plan to spend an hour each week on asynchronous activities.  

 You can register for the upcoming cohort for 32 ICF CCE hours, which will be held on Tuesdays, starting October 10, 2023, at 10 AM EST. You can avail $250 off if you enroll by 9/22 for the upcoming coaching mastery CCE program. To get this discount of $250, use the coupon code PH250 while registering. For more information on the course or enrolment, you can have a free 30-minute telephonic discussion with Powerhouse Coaching’s CEO Mark Tucker at  



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