75-hour course for ICF Level 3 Applicants

ICF Level 3 Master Certified Coach (MCC) Course

PCC Coaches – Are you ready to become one of the best coaches in the world?

Powerhouse Coaching’s Level 3 program is a dynamic and highly-educational experience led by our founder, Master Certified Coach, Jennifer Powers.

Jennifer has been mentoring MCC applicants since 2019, and as a trained ICF Assessor and a Registered ICF Mentor Coach, she knows exactly what it takes to up level your coaching skills to earn your MCC.

If you’re ready to take the journey to become a Master Certified Coach, we can help you get there. Register below to secure your spot in an upcoming program.

Course Objectives

  • Assist experienced coaches in understanding the nuances that distinguish MCC coaching from PCC
  • Develop the coaches’ awareness of self and the shifts required to coach at the Master level
  • Help coaches to find and bring their “Unique Coach Self” to the MCC coaching session
  • Prepare coaches for a confident submission of their MCC application and recordings through tons of practice, self-reflection and feedback
  • Expose coaches to a variety of MCC styles through approved coach recordings
  • Support the sharing of knowledge and good mojo among cohort members
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure coaches know how much confidence we have in their ability to become a Master Certified Coach.

Course Details

This program gives the PCC coach the required education and mentoring hours needed to apply for the MCC credential through ICF. Students will also have to submit two session recordings for assessment with their MCC application.

75-hour course for ICF Level 3 Applicants

39 SYNCHRONOUS HOURS (100% virtual via Zoom)

-Synchronous sessions will be delivered in English and are super-focused on understanding, embodying, and practicing the eight Core Comps.

-Sessions are 90-minutes long (with the exception of four 2-hour Practice Clinics) and include a combination of instruction, facilitated discussion, coaching practice, and feedback.

-The program also includes the required 7 hours of group mentor coaching + three hours 1:1 mentor coaching.


-Asynchronous hours include a combination of coaching, being coached, journaling, independent reading, plus listening to and reviewing a variety of MCC level coaching sessions.

-Students create community outside of live sessions and share their findings via the Online Classroom discussion forum.

-All course materials are delivered in English.

-Students are paired with a “buddy” with whom they can find support, practice, and discuss, outside of class.



  • These classes are dedicated to fine-tooth combing the 8 ICF Core Comps through facilitated discussion, sharing of best practices, and round robin coaching with direct feedback from your mentor.
  • The goal is to introduce the student to the distinctions between how these comps look and feel at the PCC level vs. the MCC level.
  • This course component creates a tremendous amount of clarity and gives students a clear and confident path toward passing their exam and assessment.
  • The FUNDAMENTAL components satisfy the 7 hours of group mentor coaching required for your MCC application.

Deeper Drive

  • This component builds upon the FUNDAMENTALS as students further explore each of the competencies in depth. This is done in a variety of ways including:
  • -Two-hour practice clinics with drills and practice exercises
  • -Educational sessions and discussions around the meaning and importance of the competency
  • -Outside reading and journaling
  • -Listening to and reviewing MCC-approved recordings

Peer Coaching

This component is where the rubber hits the road through live peer coaching sessions in which students take the role of Coach, Coachee and Observer in full-length coaching sessions.

Students will receive extensive feedback from Coachee, Observer and Mentor Coach.


  • One of the greatest factors in moving from PCC to MCC coaching is the internal shift the coach must make to show up authentically, manage judgments, tap into intuition, and be comfortable with silence and a state of unknowing.
  • This class component gives students time to identify and discuss obstacles that may impede their progress while also improving their ability to bring their Unique Coach Self to every MCC session.
  • Journaling prompts and outside reading support the student in their personal self-development.


Individual Mentor Coaching

Each student is required to spend three hours with a mentor coach outside of class. Delivered in two 90-minute Zoom calls, this component allows time to review the student´s recorded coaching sessions to identify learning opportunities and/or the potential for submission of recording with their MCC application.

These two sessions are to be scheduled any time after WEEK 10 and students must come prepared with a minimum of TWO recorded coaching sessions to be reviewed over the three hours.

The INDIVIDUAL MENTOR COACHING components satisfy the 3 hours of 1:1 mentor coaching required for your MCC application.

Beyonds the comps

  • This course component helps students take a broader view of how the knowledge they are gleaning can support them, their clients, and their practice beyond the actual coaching session.
  • Different modalities will be identified. Goals and plans will be set, and additional career opportunities will be explored.

Optional Make up classes

Full attendance is a requirement of the ICF. In order to make space for emergency absences, students may miss a maximum 3 of the 22 live classes. However, in order to earn the credit for any missed classes and fulfill the ICF’s requirement, students must attend an equal number of scheduled make-up classes offered in Week 9, 15 and/or 22.

Online Classrooms

All materials, syllabi, and interactions with cohort and mentor coaches will be accessed on the easy-to-use online classroom. Students will have direct access to tools, recordings, and course materials and there is no additional text or manual to purchase. All materials and resources are hosted in the Online Classroom and delivered in English.

Plus, this is the hub and lifeline of the course as students will communicate via a message board where they can post questions, feedback, ideas and comments on each week of the syllabus.

Additional Info

Class size limited to 10 students

A minimum of six participants is required to run the class. if less than six register, a new start date will be set in order to meet this minimum

Participants must currently hold an active ICF PCC credential in good standing to enroll in this course

Students should plan to spend about two hours per week on learning activities outside of class

Please note: MCC applicants’ recordings go through a rigorous and subjective assessment process. Since there is a fair amount of subjectivity among ICF assessors, no school can ethically guarantee that an applicant will pass.


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