10 hour group mentor coaching for applying to renew ICF ACC, PCC, and MCC credentials

10 hour group mentor coaching is an essential requirement for anyone on their journey to International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) credentials for Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Master Certified Coach (MCC). Mentor coaching ensures the integrity of the coaching profession and that the coach adheres to the ICF Code of Ethics, competencies, and professional standards. ICF credentials are considered as gold standard in the coaching industry, and with an ICF credential, you can differentiate yourself as a highly professional life coach who possesses eight ICF core competencies and adheres to its strict code of ethics. You get professional assistance from an experienced coach to accomplish and demonstrate the levels of competency required for the desired ICF credential.   


ICF requires a minimum of 10 hours group mentor coaching from a certified mentor coach of the same of a higher level of credentialing for which you are applying. If you are applying for ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credentials, or want to renew them, then you can undertake 10 your group mentor coaching by Powerhouse Coaching, from a highly experienced MCC coach. The mentor coaching cuts through the fluff, and provides you exactly what you need for your ICF credentialing. You will have a career-changing experience in an enjoyable environment. The group size for 10-hour group mentor coaching is kept small, not less than six and not more than ten, to provide an intimate learning environment to all. You are sure to get a massive amount of learning and confidence-building, and a career-changing experience.   


Reciprocal coaching opportunities   

By signing for 10 hour group mentor coaching program of Powerhouse Coaching, you will get a massive amount of learning and confidence building, and also the tools, knowledge, and experience you need to coach at the highest level. You will be provided with personalized mentoring tailored to your specific needs, skills, and weaknesses. Additionally, you will gain access to a library of ACC/PCC/MCC-approved coaching sessions, audio recordings of all group sessions of 10 hour group mentor coaching, as well as reciprocal coaching opportunities. The coaching is completed in three months, and consists of seven sessions of 90 minutes’ duration each.   


Reflecting on ICF core competencies   

In the first session of 10 hour group mentor coaching, you and your mentor coach will get to know each other a bit better. You will go over the materials and tools you will be using, and there will be a discussion and review of the ICF guidelines and ethics. Sessions 2 to 5 will combine live mentor coaching, round robins, facilitated discussions, and questions and answers. The focus will be on improving your coaching presence, inviting the shift, and building exemplary coaching skills that reflect ICF core competencies. The last two sessions of 10 hour group mentor coaching would be one-on-one between you and the mentor coach, which may be used to review a recorded coaching call, practice your coaching, or to get any other support that you need in skill building.    


The upcoming sessions of 10 hour group mentor coaching will be held on Wednesday, Oct 11, 25, Nov 15, 29, Dec 27, 2023, Noon EST. For more information, you can book a free 30 minutes consultation with Powerhouse Coaching’s CEO Mark Tucker at: https://phcoach.com/ 







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